The Story Of A Soldier’s Rescue Of This Korean Grandmother Just Might Make You Cry

Heroes are everywhere we just don’t know.

Christmas is over but the feel-good spirit of the season still reigns. A heartwarming story about a grandmother and a special forces soldier on leave emerged earlier this week.

It all started when 75-year-old Park Kwang Ja halmoni (grandmother) accidentally cut off the top of her left index finger while making dinner. She entered her apartment’s elevator with just a sweater and a pair of slippers because she had no wherewithal to put on a coat.

Park halmoni panicked and went straight to a local pharmacy instead of calling an ambulance.

Soon after she entered the pharmacy, a tall man walked in who would end up saving the day.

The man, who was later identified as Kim Woo Joo, a special forces soldier on leave, stayed with Park halmoni to support her, call an ambulance, and carry the severed portion of her finger to the hospital.

Kim stayed with Park halmoni for the 5 hours it took the surgeons to put her finger back together and helped her home afterward! The hospital stated that Kim’s quick judgment helped them save the finger.

“I told Woo Joo to go home, but he just kept saying, It’s okay, I’m okay. Woo Joo just kept saying that.”

— Park halmoni

The next day, Park halmoni invited the whole Kim family over for a nice dinner. Even after Kim returned to base, he asked after Park halmoni’s health! The heartwarming story is being received as a sweet ending to a long year.