“Stranger” Actor Lee Joon Hyuk Receives A Massive Complaint Letter From His Fan Cafe About His “Lack Of Love For Fans”

And netizens are simply disgusted.

Actor Lee Joon Hyuk, currently best known for his role of the nosy prosecutor Seo Dong Jae in both seasons of Stranger (also known as Forest of Secrets), is actually one shy and introverted guy.

| @acefactory.official/Instagram

He isn’t really on any social media platforms — though he did create his personal Twitter and Instagram accounts in the past. He hasn’t tweeted anything since 2015 after he “got hacked” and his Instagram got deleted around Stranger season 1’s finale. In fact, in a 2019 magazine interview, Lee Joon Hyuk verified that he doesn’t plan on returning to the accounts because he “can’t take selfies” and “[doesn’t] feel the need for social media.”

I think I got hacked… I’m going to delete this Twitter and start a new one. How scary, haha.

— Lee Joon Hyuk

That being said, Lee Joon Hyuk’s fans know that his tendency to keep to himself has nothing to do with his gratitude for his fans. Well, that is, except one fan — his official fan cafe’s administrator.

Lee Joon Hyuk with the coffee truck sent from the fan cafe “Jupiter”. | Jupiter/Daum

On August 25, Twitter and other Korean community sites shared screenshots of a long post from the admin on the actor’s fan cafe, “Jupiter”. The tweet clarified, “The administrator posted her letter on a bulletin board where the actor can see“. And netizens unanimously grew disgusted by the contents of the letter.

In short, the admin complained that he is “not as interested in his fans and [does] not care about the love and support received.”

Screenshot from the said letter. | dmitory

To be honest, while running this fan cafe, I couldn’t stop thinking… that the admins and the members here are serious about you — but you, as the owner of this fan cafe, are not too interested in your fans. I mean, I still think it’s true. I know you’re not the type of person who feels comfortable with posting things online and communicating openly with your fans… But I also think it has a lot to do with your sincerity.

— “Jupiter” Admin

The letter detailed out some instances when the admin felt unappreciated because Lee Joon Hyuk “didn’t display any appreciation” or public affection for the fan cafe.

Screenshot from the said letter. | dmitory

I don’t think you would have been able to ignore like like that, had you read my heartfelt letter that I sent back then. I mean… you log in here often. You’re active in this cafe. The letter and gift were something I sent on behalf of this cafe. So I was disappointed [that you didn’t acknowledge having received them]. You once said that gift exchanges could be burdensome for some fans… Was thanking the fans for the gift burdensome for you? I expected more from you as the admin of this cafe. I really believed that you would show appreciation for your fans here. And it’s not like I’m butt hurt because you didn’t thank me. It’s because you didn’t even think to take the time to recognize your fans. Would it have been so hard to spare a minute of your day and tell us, ‘Thank you for the gifts’? That’s when I first felt like you don’t really care about your fans…

— “Jupiter” Admin

Throughout the letter, the admin insists that Lee Joon Hyuk tries harder “to interact more with the fans“. After pointing out the fact that other stars correspond more intimately with their fan cafes and cafe admins…

Screenshot from the said letter. | dmitory

Such correspondences [between the stars and their fan cafe admins] are usually like, ‘I’ll send signed copies of the posters so the fan cafe members can share’ or ‘Here’s my official schedule for next week to announce in the cafe’. A lot of admins do talk to their biases directly to run their cafes. I can say that most of them do. A relationship like this requires a lot of cooperation from the stars. And I know it’s impossible if the stars don’t agree to it. That’s why fan cafe admins always have the losing hand in their relationships with their biases. But there are plenty of stars who take the initiative and try to please their fan cafe members by voluntarily sharing selfies and autographs. Look, I’ve been doing fan cafe things for a decade. I’ve been admin for other fan cafes. No matter who I supported, I’ve only seen the stars and fans interact openly. But now that I’m admin for your page… I don’t know what to do. I’ll never get used to this.

— “Jupiter” Admin

… she even pled that Lee Joon Hyuk “communicates directly” with her too — so that she can better serve the fan cafe. When the screenshots went viral online, and inevitably faced criticism for her being unreasonable and “asking so much from Lee Joon Hyuk“, the fan cafe immediately shut down all the forums.

| @acefactory.official/Instagram

Other members from the cafe have voiced that the admin has since shared a less-than-satisfactory explanation of her sole action and called forth a meeting to discuss the future of the fan cafe. Allegedly, however, she has not yet apologized for sending a “problematic” letter to Lee Joon Hyuk.

These fans have also pointed out that, despite what it sounds like in the letter written by the admin, Lee Joon Hyuk is actually relatively active in the fan cafe and is more than communicative with his fans.

On August 25 at 9:41PM KST, Lee Joon Hyuk’s official fan cafe “Jupiter” admin Genie uploaded a letter on the cafe’s “Secret Letters” bulletin board. “Jupiter” is an official fan cafe with Lee Joon Hyuk also signed up as a member. The “Secret Letters” bulletin board is one that Lee Joon Hyuk has access to and can see. Genie shared a long, disturbing letter on August 25 at 9:41PM KST and we want to expose her for her behavior. Before a proper assessment of the situation could take place, Genie shared an incomprehensible explanation. About an hour later, she turned the cafe private on her own terms. She has since shared a post suggesting that a discussion takes place for the future of the fan cafe. It is, however, most likely so she can excuse herself from her action. Even if Genie steps down from the admin position, she still owes an apology and a better explanation to the members of the fan cafe.

— “Jupiter” Fan Cafe

Regardless, netizens remain thoroughly shocked that a “fan” could be so aggressive — and more so convinced that this admin’s “love and support” is neither love nor support, but “a dangerous obsession” that is harmful to both her and the actor.

| NamuWiki

Listen. Real fans are be happy to see their biases appear on TV and screens. Nothing more is ever necessary or even expected. Just the fact that their stars are active is enough. She is not a real fan. Sounds like this isn’t about her love and support for his talent at all.

— Netizen

Source: Dmitory, iMBC and NamuWiki