“Stranger Things” Stars Announce That EXO Will Be Giving Them A K-Pop Crashcourse In Korea

They mentioned that the EXO members are huge fans of “Stranger Things”

Caleb McLaughlin and Gaten Matarazzo are currently some of the biggest child actors in America, being well known for playing Lucas and Dustin respectively on the hit Netflix television series Stranger Things.

Recently, the pair posted a video on their Instagrams, mentioning an upcoming project that they were excited to be doing.

Next week we’ll be heading to Seoul, Korea to meet some of our amazing Stranger Things fans and get a crash course on all things K-Pop

Additionally, Caleb mentioned that he attended NCT 127’s concert the previous month, showing that he is already well-versed in the K-Pop world.

I had an amazing time meeting NCT 127 last month, guess who I’ll be meeting next time?

Although the pair didn’t mention any names in the video, wanting to keep it a surprise, Caleb tagged the Instagram account of NCT 127’s seniors EXO, hinting that it would be this legendary group that would be teaching them K-Pop 101.

Furthermore, Caleb also tagged the Instagram accounts of Suho, Baekhyun and SMTOWN.

It appears that there is a collaboration being organised between them.

Fans are super excited to see their favourite group collaborate with actors from their favourite TV show!

But it looks like EXO will also be excited with this collaboration, as Caleb mentioned that they would be meeting with some Stranger Things fans.

There has been a lot of anticipation for this unexpected crossover. Perhaps fans will get to see Caleb and Gaten showcase their singing, dancing, rapping, variety skills and their glammed up visuals.

Luckily, if there was anyone who would be amazing at being K-Pop mentors, it’s definitely a group as talented and knowledgeable as EXO.