Netizens Call Out SBS’s “Unprofessionalism” During Stray Kids’ “2023 SBS Gayo Daejeon” Performance

STAYS feel the group’s performance was sabotaged.

Stray Kids was one of the featured performers for the 2023 SBS Gayo Daejeon, which was held on December 25 at the INSPIRE Arena.

Stray Kids

Yet, netizens noticed many things gone wrong, starting with the group’s name being misspelled during the broadcast. It read, Stary Kids.

The lighting and camerawork were also heavily criticized. Empty stages were shown, and the camera jumped to seemingly random shots showing nothing of the performance. Lights also went out.

Additionally, the sound was messed up throughout Stray Kids’ stage. NewJeans‘ “New Jeans” was heard as the wrong backtrack was played.

Additionally, netizens are dissatisfied that the performance has not been properly uploaded to YouTube like other groups. Instead, a poor “fancam” angle was uploaded.

So, STAYS (Stray Kids fans) are urging SBS to apologize to Stray Kids. The fandom is trending #BoycottSBS along with #protectstraykids and #respectstraykids on X (formerly Twitter).

Likewise, SBS caused another broadcasting accident during THE BOYZ Juyeon‘s performance. Read more below.

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Stray Kids