4 Stray Kids Albums Just Earned Impressive New Gaon Certifications

And they all earned a different certification!

Every month, Gaon announces new certifications for K-Pop albums and songs that have reached certain numbers of sales, downloads, or streams. These are always huge achievements for artists, and are worth congratulating when they’re announced!

The albums that earned new certifications for the month of May were just announced, and among the seven albums listed, four of them belonged to Stray Kids!

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Each of the four albums, shared on May 12, earned different certifications this month as well, and were all released in different years from 2018 until 2022.

The first album is their 2018 release I Am You, which came out on October 22 that year with a title track of the same name. It earned a platinum certification from Gaon this month, meaning that it has surpassed 250,000 sales!

Next up is the 2020 album that shot them into greater popularity with the title track “God’s Menu”, Go Live. Released on June 17 that year, the album has now received a double platinum certification, meaning that it has surpassed 500,000 sales!

Their 2021 single album Christmas EveL made the list as well. Since it came out on November 29 last year, it has made over 750,000 sales, earning it a triple platinum certification from Gaon!

And finally, their latest album, ODDINARY, which came out on March 18 this year, is now their second album (after NOEASY) to receive a million certification for selling over a million units.

It’s amazing that they were able to earn so many new Gaon certifications at the same time, as it’s very uncommon! Even just one new certification is something to be celebrated, so this definitely shouldn’t be ignored. Congratulations, Stray Kids and STAYs!

Stray Kids