Stray Kids Announces Final “Encore” World Tour Dates, And Reactions Are Mixed

So many K-Pop “world tours” have had similar reactions from fans.

To finally wrap up their highly praised and ongoing MANIAC world tour, Stray Kids recently announced three final “encore” dates for early next year.

Stray Kids | JYP Entertainment

The three cities they will be hosting their final concerts of the tour in are Tokyo and Osaka, Japan (on February 11-12 and 25-26 respectively) and Los Angeles, California (on March 31).

Some reactions to the news were quite excited, and many fans were proud to see Stray Kids will be having a concert in the Banc of California Stadium, which holds a whopping 22,000 people.

Many, however, were upset with the cities chosen for the final stops of the tour, and it’s understandable why.

K-Pop artists already have a bad reputation for their “world tours” often not including as many countries as fans would like to see, frequently only covering a select few Asian and North American cities.

The ongoing MANIAC world tour has already visited, or is planning to visit, 7 countries outside of South Korea — Japan, the United States, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, and the Philippines — and the three encore stops haven’t added any new countries to the list.

European fans, in particular, are upset by the fact that no concerts have taken place in any countries near them, and at this time, it doesn’t appear that any will be added.

Europe is notoriously absent in many world tours by K-Pop artists, and it’s frustrating to see so many fans miss out on what is sure to be an incredible show by Stray Kids.

We can hope that more dates will be added onto the schedule somehow, but at this time, the odds of it are looking pretty slim. At the very least, maybe this will help in the planning for future world tours by Stray Kids and other artists like them.

Stray Kids