Stray Kids’ Bang Chan’s “Accidental Reveal” Of His Hair Color Was Turned Into An Adorable Animation

It perfectly captures how cute he is 😂

K-Pop idols usually go to great lengths to hide a hair color change, especially before a comeback, and that was the case for Stray Kids‘ leader Bang Chan in the days leading up to their recent album release, ODDINARY.

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Despite wearing a beanie during a livestream and trying to keep any color changes hidden, STAYs still somehow managed to correctly guess that his hair was going to be blue for “Maniac”.

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

However, instead of confessing that they’d guessed his hair color right, Bang Chan playfully tricked fans into “revealing” that his hair color was black, and even put his acting skills to use by pretending to be embarrassed that he’d “spoiled” his hair color reveal.

Here’s the original clip from the livestream, so you can see Bang Chan clowning on STAYs 😂

Of course, we now know that his hair was indeed blue for “Maniac”, and STAYs are laughing over how Bang Chan successfully fooled all of them.

To add into the adorable humor, Twitter artist @anelderlymeme made an animation of the clip, and the results are so cute!

The fan reactions to the video are equally as adorable.

The relationship between Bang Chan and Stays is so endearing, and we love to see these kinds of cute interactions!

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