Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Addresses The “Rumors” The Group Allegedly Has With NMIXX During His Live Broadcast

Bang Chan answered the comment maturely!

In 2022, it seems like netizens are being spoiled as there have been more interactions between idols than ever before. In particular, groups from the same companies have been sharing their strong bonds with fans through social media and live broadcasts.

Two groups that netizens have always loved seeing the friendship between is JYP Entertainment‘s Stray Kids and NMIXX.

Members of Stray Kids | @Stray_kids/Twitter

Members of NMIXX | @NMIXX_official/Twitter

Since NMIXX debuted, there have been so many crumbs and the members of both groups have never been afraid to tell anecdotes about each other, particularly the likes of Aussies Bang Chan and Lily.

During a recent live broadcast of Chan’s Room, STAYs raised anger after Bang Chan was made to address “rumors” the group had with NMIXX.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | @realstraykids/Instagram

As expected, the episode was meant to be comforting to STAYs worldwide as Bang Chan listened to some of his favorite songs and chatted with fans about what he’s been doing recently.

One of those songs that Bang Chan was listening to was NMIXX’s tracks. The idol was a truly supportive senior as he was listening to the songs and praising the members for their impeccable talent.

At one point during the broadcast, Bang Chan read a comment that really confused him. Someone typed, “What are the rumors with NMIXX?” Upon reading the comment, Bang Chan was understandably confused as he explained, “Why would we have rumors with NMIXX?”

Rather than brush off the comment, Bang Chan explained why he was so confused, emphasizing the close bond the group has with NMIXX.

We’re like the same company and they’re like way younger than us, and they’re like little sisters.

— Bang Chan

He then continued to speak about the rumors, adding that he hadn’t seen any but showcasing how hilarious he thought they were. Rumors aren’t uncommon in K-Pop, but it’s rare for idols to address them directly.

I don’t know, I haven’t seen anything but if there is, I actually find it pretty funny.

— Bang Chan

Bang Chan finished by explaining that he was going to have a look for himself.

I’m going to go and search myself, and see what’s about.

— Bang Chan

When the video was shared, STAYs couldn’t believe that someone would ask that as they know how close the groups are. Many also praised Bang Chan for addressing the comment in a mature way and that he continued to show his support for the group.

Yet, it wasn’t the only mention of NMIXX during the broadcast. Although STAYs can’t find the clip, many pointed out that after Bang Chan was listening to NMIXX songs, some fans asked him to stop. Yet, staying true to himself, Bang Chan didn’t listen, adding, “I won’t be doing that cause they’re donsaengs I’m really rooting for!”

As always, Bang Chan always addresses topics maturely during his live broadcasts.

Source: @istanchan and Stray Kids