Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Becomes The Youngest K-Pop Idol In KOMCA’s Top Ten For Song Credits

He’s accomplished so much!

Stray Kids‘ leader Bang Chan is known for being one of the leading 4th generation songwriting K-Pop idols, along with the other members of the group’s sub-unit, 3RACHA.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | @realstraykids/Instagram

3RACHA | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Recently, 3RACHA were announced to be included in Street Man Fighter Original Soundtrack Vol. 4 alongside other artists including NCT‘s Mark and Taeyong, and rapper Loopy. The song, titled “HEYDAY”, will be featured and danced to on Street Man Fighter. 

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While fans have been hype listening to the song, STAYs were even more excited to learn that Bang Chan hit a new, major milestone in his career with the release of this track.

Bang Chan previously reached a total of 137 writing credits in KOMCA(also known as the Korean Music Copyright Association), the organization that gives artists certain rights for their self-written and produced songs, after the tracks from the group’s next album, MAXIDENT, were added.

One of Bang Chan’s credits from MAXIDENT in KOMCA. | KOMCA

KOMCA’s top 20 most credit idols as of September 19, 2022. | @3RACHN/Twitter

This previous list was shared a day before the song’s release, showing Bang Chan tied at number 11 along with SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi. “HEYDAY”‘s release brings him to a total of 138 credits, which ties him for 10th place with B.A.P‘s Yongguk.

In addition to this, Bang Chan is the youngest artist in the top ten at the age of 24 years old!

Fans cannot contain their praise for Bang Chan and his songwriting abilities!

A previous version of this article spelled the subunit incorrectly. It is 3RACHA.

Source: KOMCA

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