“Daddy?” Stray Kids’ Bang Chan’s Hot Dad Is Bias-Wrecking STAYs

The genes are strong in this family!

It’s often joked that STAYS, who bias Stray KidsBang Chan, have “daddy issues” due to his father-like leadership role in the group.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

Well, some of them might have developed legitimate “daddy issues” since Bang Chan’s father, Jack Bahng, joined Instagram.

From left: Jessica Bahng, Bang Chan, and Jack Bahng | @jessicabahng/Instagram

Jack Bahng recently joined Instagram. He has already gained 25.7K followers at the time of writing. He only follows six accounts: Stray Kids, his wife Jessica Bahng, his daughter Hannah BahngBahng Entertainment, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, and Sarah Roh.

| @jackbahng/Instagram

He just shared three back-to-back photos and videos from his trip to The Bahamas. He visited the Exumas, famous for the swimming pigs.

In typical dad fashion, Jack Bahng’s Instagram feed so far includes selfies and a funny video. He recorded his socked feet “kissing.”

This isn’t what has captured STAYs’ attention, though.

Jack Bahng’s first Instagram post was surprising. It was a portrait of himself with an open button-up shirt, revealing six-pack abs. He said that it was from fifteen years ago.

Yet, shortly after, he showed that he’s still got it! His recent update from The Bahamas also showcased his killer physique. He went outside shirtless to exercise.

STAYs were shocked to discover Bang Chan’s dad is actually incredibly hot! We now know where Bang Chan gets it from. Those genes are strong!


STAYs were not expecting to be bias-wrecked by Bang Chan’s dad! Yet, here we are.

Source: jackbahng

Stray Kids

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