Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Shocks With A Dramatic Hair Transformation During Their Japan Concert

He looks so good!

As of late, Stray KidsBang Chan has been seen exclusively with dark or black hair. Of course, there are no complaints because he looks great with any styling.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | SBS

However, when the group arrived at Gimpo Airport on their way to Japan, the star was spotted wearing a beanie pulled low on his head. Fans thought nothing of it, paying more attention to how he was decked out in GIVENCHY, leading to hopes of a soon-to-be-announced ambassadorship.

We now know his beanie was hiding something — a dramatic hair transformation!

Stray Kids are currently on their first-ever dome tour and have entertained fans in two cities in Japan already.

During Stray Kids’ first concert in Osaka, Bang Chan appeared on stage with his hair a pretty ginger color!

The color appears to be more of a strawberry-blond shade in some light. Bang Chan’s natural curls also made the new look even more gorgeous!

Some have compared the color to his hair shade from the group’s No Easy album, though that was more vibrant.

As you can imagine, fans have praised the new look, even though it is quite a change!