Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Has His Over-Dramatic Monologue Captured Perfectly In A Cute Animation

His fellow members were having none of it πŸ˜‚

Being the leader of a K-Pop group is no easy task, and it’s undoubtedly exhausting at times. Living in a dorm with fellow members that you’re expected to help take care of is a job all on its own, and we admire anyone who can hold the position well!

Stray Kids‘ leaderΒ Bang Chan is certainly one of these great leaders in K-Pop, but even he has to get tired and frustrated sometimes. And while he’s never really shown it seriously, he did have a time when he got over-dramatic about the noise that his fellow members make!

On a recent episode ofΒ Idol Human Theater, Bang Chan at one point brings up how quiet it is, presumably the opposite of what it’s usually like. When asked about what the typical noise levels of the group, the Stray Kids leader goes into an over-dramatic and giggle-inducing rant about how he is finally able to hear his voice for the first time in a while πŸ˜‚

Twitter user @anelderlymeme is known to create adorable animations out of random and hilarious clips such as this one, and they didn’t disappoint with what they made this time!

They made Bang Chan look as over-dramatic as he sounds as though he was performing a play, and their cute animation style and expressive drawings make the entire clip just that much better.

Of course, his exaggerated display was all in good fun, and no harm was actually intended by his or the other members’ words!

If you want to watch the whole episode ofΒ Idol Human Theater, you can do so here:

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