An Endearing Moment Between Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And Their Security Guards Is Going Viral

He makes friends wherever he goes!

Stray Kids has wrapped up the American leg of their world tour, and recently got on a plane to head to Japan for the last of their concerts.

As the members went through the Los Angeles airport, an adorable moment between leader Bang Chan and the group’s security guards from the tour was caught on camera, and has been rapidly making the rounds on social media!

Bang Chan

In the video, Bang Chan can be seen giving some friendly fist bumps and hugs to the bodyguards, who seemed to have gone out of their way to make sure they got to say goodbye.

It just goes to show that Bang Chan makes friends wherever he goes, and though the moment is bittersweet, it was precious to get to see!

Bang Chan

Here’s how fans are reacting to the sweet moment on Twitter 🥺

We all wish we had a bestie like Bang Chan!

Stray Kids