Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Shows ENHYPEN Jake’s True Personality As He Spills Recent “TMI”

He’s Jake’s #1 fan!

Stray KidsBang Chan is perhaps most loved for his utterly wholesome personality, which is nowhere near more evident than in his attitude toward other K-Pop idols.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | @realstraykids/Instagram

Perhaps because of this, Bang Chan is known to be friends with countless people in the industry, one of whom is ENHYPEN‘s Jake.

ENHYPEN’s Jake | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

As prominent members of K-Pop’s “Australia line,” Bang Chan and Jake became friends in 2022. Their friendship has quickly turned into one of the most wholesome duos in K-Pop, and Bang Chan’s latest “TMI” definitely proves it.

At the recent 37th Golden Disc Awards on January 7, both groups showed off their talent by delivering impressive performances.

On January 8, Bang Chan held a live stream in which he revealed that he and Jake had talked after the event. First, however, he hilariously debated with himself over just how big his TMI really was.

| Stray Kids/YouTube


I mean, it’s not—it’s not—I mean, it’s a really big TMI. I mean, it’s a…it’s not like a big one… It’s just a TMI.

— Bang Chan

But as he got into the story, he explained that when he was on his way to the airport to return to South Korea, he received a text from Jake warmly praising Stray Kids’ performance.

But on the way, I got a text from Jake saying, you know, “Oh the performance was crazy, it was so good!” I was like “Really?” and he was like “Yeah for real!” I was like “Oh thank you so much.

— Bang Chan

He was extremely grateful for the compliment, which he returned by commenting on how much he also enjoyed ENHYPEN’s stage.

But then, just looking at their performance too, it was like the energy was really—really—good. And I really like their songs too so I had a really good time watching them.

— Bang Chan

But their performance talent wasn’t the only thing Bang Chan appreciated about the younger group; he also gushed about supportive they always are. In particular, he praised Jake’s personality, saying it’s easy to forget how much younger he is and that he’s a “really nice boy.”


Yeah he’s real supportive. Sometimes I always forget that he’s like 5 years younger than me? I think he’s an ’02 [liner], no? Wait I keep forgetting. I think he’s an ’02 [liner], yeah… But yeah he’s a really nice boy, a really nice boy.

— Bang Chan

ENGENE were happy to hear Bang Chan’s words, as they provide further proof of the kind of person Jake really is!

Watch the full wholesome clip on the link below!

Source: YouTube

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