Stray Kids’ Bang Chan’s Interaction With A Fan In A Wheelchair Is Too Precious

He has a heart of gold.

Stray KidsBang Chan warmed hearts with how he handled a fan passing out during their MANIAC stop in Jakarta, Indonesia. Now he’s made fans fall for him even harder from his sweet interaction with a fan in a wheelchair.

Bang Chan

In the middle of their “CHEESE” stage, Bang Chan made his way to the end of the stage to make sure he gave attention to every fan. That’s when he spotted a STAY in a wheelchair.

Touching the hearts of fans who watched the moment, Bang Chan hyped the fan up with his hand movements before cutely waving goodbye at them.

Bang Chan’s energy reached the fan, who was happy to wave their lightstick along with the person beside them.

The fact that Bang Chan saw the fan and took extra time to interact with them made fans love the idol even more.

Bang Chan is always finding ways to make fans’ experiences the best they can be.

Stray Kids