Stray Kids Follow Bang Chan Like Baby Ducklings In An Adorable Recent Clip

The resemblance is uncanny!

Any STAY could tell you that Stray Kids‘ Bang Chan is an incredible leader to the other seven members of the group.

Bang Chan | JYP Entertainment

He’s kind, patient, understanding, and caring, among many other admirable traits that he has!

Bang Chan

Earlier today, a clip was posted on Twitter that shows the Stray Kids leader filling his role in a sweet way as the K-Pop group navigated an airport.

Bang Chan

Fans seemed to be fortunately giving the group a respectful amount of space, but Bang Chan still took the lead and helped to direct the members in the right direction in a calm and responsible way.

Bang Chan | JYP Entertainment

He also waits for a member who straggled behind just a little bit, making sure that everyone was accounted for before moving on!

You can watch the cute clip of the members following Bang Chan like adorable ducklings here.

Fans have a lot of relatable reactions to the cute clip on social media!

We love to see cute leader moments from Bang Chan like this!

Stray Kids