Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Reveals How He Became Close Friends With SEVENTEEN’s Vernon

“I actually didn’t know that Vernon was…”

In episode 113 of Stray KidsBang Chan‘s live broadcast series Chan’s “Room,” he revealed his close friendship with SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon and shared a funny anecdote of how they became friends.


When thinking of a TMI moment to share with fans, Bang Chan thought of his friend Vernon.

Bang Chan recalled and how a same-age member of the M.O.L.A crew introduced them and caused a funny misunderstanding that didn’t get resolved until much later. He said, “I actually didn’t know that Vernon was a year younger than me. I got to know him ’cause of JAIME, so I thought we were [same-age] friends.

Bang Chan shared how he and Vernon became fast friends from dropping honorifics as same-age friends typically would. He continued, “I thought he was a ’97 [liner] as well, so we’re friends. So we spoke informally, and we’re just very, very close.

Eventually, Bang Chan learned that he and Vernon hadn’t been the same age at all. Bang Chan added, “I knew this later, but I just realized that he was a year younger than me. He was a ’98 [liner].

Bang Chan even demonstrated how shocked he’d been when making the new discovery, “I was like, ‘Wait! What?’” It didn’t change their friendship, though.

By then, Vernon and Bang Chan were as close as friends could be. Bang Chan revealed, “After knowing that, I was like, ‘Oh, well. We’re comfortable anyway.’ So we continued to speak informally anyway.

In the end, the mix-up not only brought Bang Chan and Vernon closer together but it became a funny memory to share. It was enough to make everyone love how amusing the two friends are.

Bang Chan | @realstraykids/Instagram
Source: Naver Live 1 and Naver Live 2