Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Reveals The Idols He’s Grown Closer To During “Kingdom”

“I’m open to get closer to everyone else as well.”

In episode 105 of Chan’s Room, Stray KidsBang Chan talked about the recent athletic championship the teams participated in during Kingdom. He also revealed some of the new friendships he’s made during his time on the show.

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Bang Chan said that he liked participating in the athletic championship and that he had a lot of fun because he likes sports. He explained that while it was his first time doing vault jumping, it was better than he thought.

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He credits BTOB‘s Minhyuk, whom he is a fan of, for helping him during it. He said, “He helped me so much and told me supporting words and gave me advice. So I was able to do without getting nervous.”

Since I was young, I saw so much videos of Minhyuk doing sports. I’m a huge fan of him and just by the fact that I was able to do the Athletic Championship with him, I was so happy and honored.

— Bang Chan

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He thanked the rest of BTOB for their support too. He said that although he’s always been close with Peniel, he grew closer to BTOB in general.

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BTOB was not the only group Bang Chan had grown closer to during his time on Kingdom. He said that he was already quite comfortable on the show because he had previous good relationships with SF9‘s Rowoon, iKON‘s DK (also known as Donghyuk), BTOB’s Peniel, and members from THE BOYZ and ATEEZ.

And we are really close with… THE BOYZ and ATEEZ because of Changbin. …There were a lot of people that I already knew as well so I felt kind of comfortable. Because we get to spend time with each other, and we talked a lot and it was just really nice. …I did get closer to Yunho from ATEEZ, same with Hongjoong because they are really nice guys. Ever since our first recording, I think we got really close. They are really, really nice guys.

— Bang Chan

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He also revealed that there was one member from THE BOYZ that he especially became closer with. He said that he and Hyunjae could become good friends due to both being born in 1997. Bang Chan also exposed himself as quite the fanboy of Hyunjae as he confessed that he thought he was so handsome!

I also got really close to Hyunjae from THE BOYZ because he is the same 97. And he is really, really good looking. He is so good looking. I don’t know how, why is he so good looking?

— Bang Chan


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Bang Chan hopes to become friends with all the contestants on Kingdom. He shared that everyone on the show is so cool, nice, and kind. He said, “I’m open to get closer to everyone else as well.”

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