Stray Kids’ Bang Chan May Be Clowning Fans About His True Hair Color

What is the truth?

Stray KidsBang Chan recently exposed his new hair on accident, however some fans think it was all a ruse. He may have clowned us all.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

During his most recent Chan’s Room broadcast, Bang Chan revealed that his hair is black after being asked by a fan if it was blue.

His reaction made it seem like an accident.

After he was finished laughing at himself for the mistake, he tried to clarify, “This hat, this beanie, is black. Not my hair.” 

But, fans weren’t buying it.

After the situation, other fans speculated that the slip up was actually intentional. They thought that Bang Chan might be trying to hide his true hair color, blue. When a TikTok that showed him with blue hair was posted, some fans were even more confused.

According to the teaser photos and the “MANIAC” music video trailer, Bang Chan has had, at some point, blue hair. Though, no one knows for sure when these promotional videos and images were shot. Many fans were hoping that he would reprise the color for the actual comeback.

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Some fans have pointed out that idols often use non-permanent hair spray to achieve temporary color.

It was also previously thought that Bang Chan had used spray to attain this short lived blue color last month, since it quickly went back to silver and then blonde.

| @Stray_Kids_JP/Twitter

Most recently, Stray Kids participated in a Twitter Q&A party that allowed fans to ask questions and receive replies straight from the members.

One fan asked Bang Chan if his hair really is black, to which he cheekily replied, “what if it isn’t..?”

This interaction once again has some STAYs questioning what they know.

So, what’s the truth, and will we ever know? With “MANIAC” comeback stages right around the corner, hopefully this mystery will be solved soon.

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