One Of Stray Kids’ Bang Chan’s Inspirational Quotes Is Making The Rounds On Twitter For An Adorable Reason

He’s just too precious 🥺

Stray Kids‘ leader Bang Chan is known for his kind heart, inspiring words, and endless love and appreciation for the group’s fans.

He has held countless livestreams where he talks to STAYs and answers their questions, often with useful advice or encouraging words.

Twitter user, @anelderlymeme, has grown a large following on the platform due to cute videos they create of different moments in K-Pop history, and today, a new video they posted of Bang Chan is making the rounds!

The video takes the audio of a sweet quote from one of Bang Chan’s livestreams, in which he answers a question about why his eyes are so shiny.

The animation perfectly captures the adorable relationship between the Stray Kids leader and their fans!

Here is the original clip that the video was created from:

Of course, STAYs reacted to the video on Twitter with all kinds of appreciative and sweet responses.

What Bang Chan quote would you like to see animated like this next? 😊

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