An Adorable Interaction Between Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And Lee Know Was Perfectly Captured In A Cute Animation

Their friendship is so cute ❤

Stray Kids recently wrapped up their MANIAC tour, and unsurprisingly, there were countless hilarious and endearing moments during the concerts.

Cute interactions between the members of the group are some of the highlights of their live stages, and a recent clip has been making the rounds on social media because of just how adorable it is.

Lee Know & Bang Chan | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

It involves Bang Chan and Lee Know, in which the leader of Stray Kids announced he would try to communicate with Lee Know’s heart… And goes about doing it in the cutest way possible.

To make the interaction even cuter, talented animator @anelderlymeme on Twitter made the clip into a short and sweet cartoon featuring the two members as their SKZOO counterparts.

STAYs are getting a kick out of this adorable animation in the comments!

We love seeing cute concert moments like this from Stray Kids’ members!

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