Stray Kids Had An Extra Special Guest Attend Their Recent “MANIAC” Concert

All the members thanked her for coming.

Stray Kids are currently on their MANIAC world tour. While all their performances have been memorable, fans were especially touched to realize that their recent concert had an extra-special attendee.

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Stray Kids’ leader Bang Chan has often talked about his great relationship with his younger sister Hannah Bahng and younger brother Lucas.

Hannah, Bang Chan, and Lucas

In fact, Bang Chan’s sister Hannah has developed a following of her own through her hilarious sense of humor…

And musical talent.

In the past, Hannah has expressed her interest in becoming a musician. Although, admittedly, not an idol like her brother.

A long, long time ago, I did want to become an idol, so I don’t want to become an idol anymore. Because I just don’t think it’s for me you know…

I do still want to make music and produce music and perform music on stage but instead of it being like idol, I want it to be like Conan Gray basically.

-Hannah Bahng

Hannah Bahng

Bang Chan even spoke protectively of his sister when Stray Kids arrived in the United States, suggesting that he felt better off knowing that Hannah was nearby.

She’s here doing her stuff so… I think she’s doing a good job. She’s been working really really hard. She should be fine. I mean, as a brother I guess I do worry sometimes because I’m mostly in Korea and she’s in the states. Not even Australia, like in the states. So I’m like ‘She should be fine…’

It feels weird because I’m here, where she is. So I feel a bit more calm knowing that I’m like near her.

-Bang Chan

Given their incredible relationship, it’s no surprise that Hannah was in the audience for Stray Kids’ most recent concert in California. Bang Chan specifically made sure to let fans know that Hannah was in the audience, and the rest of Stray Kids also took the opportunity to thank her for coming.

So thank you for comming, Hannah. Thank you.

-Bang Chan

While fans believe the interaction was adorable, some fans are joking about the entertaining moments from Stray Kids’ concert that Hannah must have seen, like Stray Kids teasing her brother for his crop top.

Hopefully, fans will see more interactions between the siblings in the future.

You can read more about Hannah Bahng here.

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