Stray Kids Bang Chan Missed His Parents’ Cooking…So Minho, Han, And I.N Cooked His Favorite Meal 

The food looked delicious!

Stray Kids have started a new segment called “Mysterious KITCHEN” where they read stories and messages sent in by their own members and comfort them with food.

| Stray Kids/YouTube

Their first message was from Bang Chan, who wrote about how he really misses his parents’ curry rice and lamb chops. It’s been two years since he last saw them, and he misses their food dearly. And so Minho, Han, and I.N got to work recreating those dishes to comfort him.

| Stray Kids/YouTube

The three of them made a valiant effort at making the dishes, and their hard work paid off.

With Han and I.N assisting main chef Minho, the food was cooked efficiently and deliciously.

After finishing up both the curry rice and lamb chops, it was time to eat. Minho, Han, and I.N all shared some of their favorite dishes made by their parents, and expressed that they missed their cooking as well. They ended the first episode of their segment by wrapping up Bang Chan’s portion in a lunch box, and even attaching a hand written note. So sweet!

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