Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Is Mistaken For A Security Guard, And It’s Easy To See Why

His physique is definitely built like security!

There are many things to love about Stray Kids‘s leader Bang Chan: His kindness, open-mindedness, generosity, and immense talent are just a few.

Of course, many people admire his dedication to being fit, and his physique definitely shows how hard he works on his body!

He has a really strong, solid build, and this might have been part of the reason why he seems to have been mistaken as a security guard recently!

While being escorted by security at the airport, most of the members of Stray Kids can be seen in the middle of a bubble of bodyguards to prevent them from being mobbed by the netizens around them. However, at the end of the clip, you can see Bang Chan behind the group of security looking nonchalant and ignored by the paparazzi!

Between his all-black outfit and muscular figure, it seems that people around them thought he was a security guard himself, and thankfully left him alone.

Several STAYS responded to the post by supporting the “security guard” Bang Chan idea, and showed appreciation for the Stray Kids’ leader’s protective nature.

However, others are criticizing their security for not protecting Bang Chan, which is understandable given how out of control these kinds of situations can get.

Thankfully, the idol seems unharmed after the incident, so everything worked out in the end!

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