Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Reveals He Was Half Paralyzed For An Iconic Performance But Was So Professional No One Noticed

He has hurt his neck twice but is okay now.

Before their debut, Stray Kids were featured on JYP Entertainment and Mnet‘s survival show Stray Kids, which showed the members working hard to achieve their debut.

Although all the members debuted, the survival show was full of brutal and heartbreaking moments, like when Lee Know and Felix were eliminated (both members were eventually brought back).

But one of the most exciting moments for fans was the fierce and powerful performance the idols gave in this iconic dance battle between JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment‘s trainees.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Stray Kids’ witty and dynamic choreography.

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And the members’ equally powerful and hard-hitting moves.

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Although no one could have known anything was wrong at the time, Stray Kids’ Bang Chan recently revealed in a live stream that he was actually almost paralyzed while rehearsing the performance.

The idol was doing the live broadcast in his bedroom, showing fans that he has two pillows to support his neck. Bang Chan explained that he often hunches over while working on music, which doesn’t help his neck.

The other pillow is for when I sleep. Cause I still have a really, really bad neck. Cause I’m always [hunched over] on the computer making some stuff. So [that] is really bad for my neck.

โ€” Bang Chan

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The idol also revealed that he has seriously injured his neck twice.

And also, I actually hurt my neck two times. Once was when we were doing the survival competition.

โ€” Bang Chan

The idol explained that during Stray Kids’ survival show, he was supposed to do an acrobatic flip as part of their dance performance, but while rehearsing, he “landed on [his] neck and then [was] half-paralyzed.”

I had to do acrobatics, but I accidentally landed on my neck. Which is very very dangerous. I landed on my neck and then I was half paralyzed.

โ€” Bang Chan

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Unfortunately, despite the severe injury, Bang Chan was still expected to perform only three days later and used acupuncture to try and feel better.

But we had to do the battle in two, three days, right? So I had to get needles in my neck to get it better.

โ€” Bang Chan

Because he couldn’t do the flip with his injury, Bang Chan had to figure out something else to do for the performance.

Usually, there was a stunt [where] I’d do a front flip and then that’s how I was supposed to end it, right? But then because I can’t flip anymore, that’s why I just did something else.

โ€” Bang Chan

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The second time Bang Chan hurt his neck was when he was preparing for the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMAs) and did a dance move incorrectly.

Fortunately, the idol is now okay after receiving the treatment he needed.

Source: Stray Kids

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