Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Is Praised For His Thoughtful Actions As A Leader At “2022 HANA BANK SEOUL E-PRIX” Concert

“Truly the best leader out there always looking after the kids.”

Stray KidsBang Chan once again proves he is the best leader with his thoughtful actions during Stray Kids’ performance at the 2022 HANA BANK SEOUL E-PRIX concert.

Bang Chan | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

As expected, the members put on an impressive show. They covered many of their greatest hits, including “MANIAC,” “THUNDEROUS,” “Back Door,” and “God’s Menu.”

Stray Kids’ “MANIAC” stage | Rock Music/YouTube

As usual, Bang Chan also had plenty of people simping after his ever-impressive muscles…

…but it was the way he took on the role of leader that had STAYs’ attention. A STAY who saw the performance commented that it was great to see Bang Chan gather the members to discuss the performance after it was over.

But it was during the performance that his leadership skills gained praise. The stage was so slippery that Bang Chan was seen doing his best to guide the members so that they could continue safely, all while still dancing.

After Lee Know reportedly almost slipped during their performance of “MANIAC,” Bang Chan did his best to make sure the members didn’t get hurt.

Lee Know slips during “MANIAC” stage | Rock Music/YouTube

STAYs praised the fact that throughout the whole time Stray Kids were onstage, Bang Chan continued to look out for his members and guide them. This was ‘Dad Bang Chan’ at his best!

Of course, fans also noticed the adorable way in which he made himself smaller for the makeup artist, making them proud of how thoughtful he always is with everyone.

Luckily, his members always remember to take care of him too!

Bang Chan truly is one of the best leaders out there, and he proves it time and time again.

Watch Stray Kids’ full performance of “MANIAC” right here.

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