Is Stray Kids’ Bang Chan A Pyromaniac? All Signs Point To Yes

At least he seems to be a safe one! 😂

Stray Kids‘ leader Bang Chan just recently streamed the 200th episode of his ongoing livestream series, Chan’s Room!

In order to celebrate the occasion, he was gifted a cute cake that with a candle that he shared with fans during the stream.

The candle on the cake gave Bang Chan the opportunity to play with matches, leading to a revelation that took some people by surprise!

Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

At about 1:27:30 in the episode, Bang Chan lit a match for no other reason than to just watch it burn. As he does, he explains that since he was young, he’s always liked to play with fire. And he gets a giddy look on his face while giggling and watching the match!

He later shares that his parents used to scold him for wanting to play with fire, but it sounds like that didn’t stop him!

He also broke into BLACKPINK‘s “Playing With Fire”, which was definitely appropriate for the moment.

You can watch the entire clip of him playing with matches and looking like an excited kid here!

Fans are reacting to the moment with endearment and amusement towards Bang Chan’s love of fire.

As long as he’s safe and responsible when burning things — which it seems like he is — we don’t see any harm in the Stray Kids’ leader’s interest in pyrotechnics!

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