Stray Kids’ Bang Chan’s Recent “Flirting” With STAYs Was Turned Into An Adorable Animation

The animation perfectly captures the clip 😂

Recently, Stray Kids leader Bang Chan held the 182nd episode of his ongoing livestream series, Chan’s Room!

As always, Bang Chan had a fun and relaxing time with STAYs while listening to music, eating good food, and more.

Some of the funnier topics that came up involved pickup lines and other flirty things, which never fail to make Bang Chan laugh.

At one point, he read aloud a comment from a fan to stop flirting with them, which resulted in him saying, “But I’m not… Or am I?”, after which he pretended to hit on the viewers before breaking into embarrassed giggles.

The moment alone was cute enough, but it has been made even cuter by talented Twitter artist @anelderlymeme, who turned the clip into an adorable animation!

STAYs always adore whenever the Twitter artist makes videos out of iconic clips of Stray Kids’ members, and this animation was no different.

We can only hope that Bang Chan himself also gets to see these adorable depictions of his interactions with fans!

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