Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Is Satisfied With His Height And His Self-Confidence Is The Attitude Everyone Should Have

We should all be as confident in our appearances as Chan is.

Bang Chan had a quick and confident response when a curious fan was wondering about his height during a live broadcast.

With so many stunning visuals in K-Pop, many fans and observers have focused on the physical features of idols.

Unfortunately, some idols have spoken of the insecurities they have had due to unpleasant comments on their appearances.

This has been disheartening for many fans, as aspects such as height and facial structure cannot be easily changed.

Fortunately, this trend has been changing, with idols increasingly professing their confidence in their looks.

When asked on the live broadcast about how tall he was, Chan didn’t give a measurement.

Instead, he laughed and reiterated that he was satisfied with how tall he was.

I’m tall enough!

As taller men are often complimented, this may make those on the shorter side feel insecure and inadequate.

Chan is proud of being 171cm, and his self-assured attitude has fans commending him for appreciating himself.

Since there isn’t an easy way to change his height, Chan has learned how to be confident in this attribute.

He has even come up with a fun term that other individuals of a similar or shorter height can use to give them the self-assurance they deserve.

I’m fun-sized.

Fans have been applauding Chan’s attitude, with some even calling themselves “fun-sized” to express confidence in their height.

Chan has made it clear that it doesn’t matter how tall he or the other Stray Kids members are. Whether they are tall or “fun-sized,” what is essential is that they are confident in themselves.

And Chan assured fans that it is vital for them to be grateful for themselves.

Wherever you are, I feel so blessed to have you guys by my side.

One thing that fans can be thankful for is having Bang Chan as the inspiring leader of Stray Kids.

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