Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Opens Up About Why He’s Happier Recently

He has a lot of burdens as the leader.

In a recent episode of Stray Kids‘ YouTube series “2 Kids Room,” Bang Chan opened up about his struggle of being the dependable leader of Stray Kids. One time Bang Chan and Seungmin went to eat a meal together, and Bang Chan ended up crying.

Bang Chan: We have a really fun story. When we went to eat gukbap together.

Seungmin: Oh, the ‘Gukbap of Tears?’

Bang Chan and Seungmin | Stray Kids/Youtube 

They explain that the meal happened when Stray Kids was “busy with all the awards ceremonies,” so understandably, all members felt immense pressure.

Bang Chan: Back when we were busy with all the award ceremonies.

Seungmin: Yeah, we were really busy then.

Bang Chan: I’m the type to get antsy when things aren’t organized, and there were so many things to do.

| Stray Kids/Youtube 

Ultimately, Bang Chan ended up breaking down in front of Seungmin.

Bang Chan: The two of us were eating, when I suddenly…

Seungmin: Out of frustration.

Bang Chan: I started tearing up from frustration. Then the tears started falling.

| Stray Kids/Youtube 

Because Bang Chan tries to be a reliable leader for Stray Kids, he doesn’t like to show his emotions to his members.

Seungmin: Bang Chan rarely cries in front of people. But as we were eating gukbap, he started crying… At that moment, I felt a lot of serious emotions. I realized that Bang Chan had a lot of weight on his shoulders that I didn’t know about. And there’s a lot that STAY don’t know because I don’t even know. The members don’t know about every single thing that Chan pays attention to. To be honest, we can’t know unless he tells us.

| Stray Kids/Youtube 

And so Seungmin essentially pretended to ignore the tears, not wanting to embarrass Bang Chan.

Seungmin: But as he was eating, he suddenly started crying. So I was like, “Um…”

Bang Chan: He didn’t say anything! He didn’t say anything, so I was like, “Thanks Seungmin! Thanks for not saying anything.”

Seungmin: Because Chan doesn’t like it when we’re concerned for him!

Bang Chan: That’s so true! You know me so well!

Seungmin: Since I know that I was like, “Cry all you want.” I didn’t say anything.

| Stray Kids/Youtube 

But despite his struggles as the leader, Seungmin points out that Bang Chan has seemed happier lately.

Seungmin: You look happy nowadays.

| Stray Kids/Youtube 

Bang Chan explains that for him, he falls into a worse mood when he has time to sit and think.

Bang Chan: For me, the more I think the more I get depressed. 

| Stray Kids/Youtube 

And he’s happier lately because Stray Kids’ hectic schedule does not give him much free time.

Bang Chan: But nowadays, there’s so many kinds of work to do that there’s no time to think.

| Stray Kids/Youtube 

Seungmin adds that even though all of the members are busy, Bang Chan especially has a lot of work to do since he’s so involved in their song production.

Seungmin: Because Chan’s doing everything like the tunes and stuff.

Bang Chan: So there’s no time to think.

| Stray Kids/Youtube 

Hopefully Bang Chan will be able to find ways to relax, even in his free time, so he can continue feeling happy.

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