Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Refuses To Post His Sexy Shirtless Photo From “Kingdom”— Here’s Why

He’s adamant about not posting it!

Stays have not forgotten one of Stray Kids‘ most iconic performances from Mnet‘s Kingdom, “WOLFGANG” for a number of reasons, being the incredible talent from each of the members, and Bang Chan‘s shirtless moment.

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During one particular moment in the performance, Bang Chan takes his shirt off and dons a wolf fur jacket while rapping.

Needless to say, Stays were shook by his muscles and still aren’t over the performance to this day, as evidenced by one fan during Bang Chan’s recent live broadcast. Bang Chan read aloud a comment that asked him to post “that picture,” in reference to a photo he took of himself from that performance. He immediately got flustered and said he wouldn’t post it because he’s embarrassed.

That didn’t stop him however from teasing Stay’s by flashing the photo really quickly! But after a moment of deliberation, he changed his answer saying he would post it when he’s ready…in 5 years. While he does have the all clear from the company, he just can’t bring himself to post it.

He shared that he’s still insecure about himself, and so embarrassed about it that he can’t even bring himself to rewatch the performance.

Looks like Stay will have to wait patiently for the day Bang Chan decides he’s comfortable enough to share the photo! Until then, we’ll just keep rewatching “Wolfgang.”

Source: VLIVE and Stray Kids' "Wolfgang"

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