Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And Siri: The Love Story We Didn’t Know We Needed

There’s even fanart already 😂

On November 6, Stray Kids‘ leader Bang Chan hosted his most recent episode of his ongoing live series, Chan’s Room.

As with most of his livestreams, the K-Pop idol spent most of his time chatting with fans and listening to music, making it a chill and inviting atmosphere for anyone to hang out in.

One of the highlights of this particular stream was Bang Chan’s cute interactions with Siri on his Apple watch, which STAYs definitely got a kick out of on social media!

His interactions ranged from asking Siri if she knew what STAY or Stray Kids was…

To asking if she could sing or beatbox (which was met with some pretty… Interesting responses).

One of the funniest moments, though, was when Siri responded to Bang Chan by calling him by his full English name! 😂

In fact, the moment was enjoyed so much that fanart has already been made from it, and it’s equally adorable.

For some reason, there were a few people who were surprised that Bang Chan had Siri in Australian voice mode, even though he himself is Australian.

Overall, it was just a cute and wholesome time for everyone involved, and has many STAYs wishing they were Siri!

Chan’s Room is always worth checking out if you’re looking for something fun and relaxing to watch.

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