Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Has STAYs Feeling Weak After Bringing His Dog Berry On Recent Live Stream

The cuteness overload has fans feeling things…

Stray KidsBang Chan has STAYs feeling weak after conducting possibly his cutest live stream yet…with his dog Berry.

Bang Chan | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Known for being one of the most wholesome figures in K-Pop, Bang Chan seems to gain attention for his kind and sweet actions pretty regularly. Recently, for example, he was revealed to be besties with the most iconic group of friends in K-Pop, the 97-line—proving there are not a lot of people he is not friends with. Not that he hadn’t already shown how friendly he is multiple times before.

Recently, Bang Chan was due to undergo a septoplasty, which is a surgery to repair the nasal septum. As usual, he kept fans closely updated on his status, earning praise for his genuine and unfiltered connection with STAYs. On August 25 he reported that his surgery went well, much to everyone’s relief.

And luckily for Bang Chan, he will be able to recover at home in Australia! The members of Stray Kids are currently all enjoying some well-earned time off, and Bang Chan and Felix are both doing so with their families back home.

In fact, Bang Chan has already shown just how much he is enjoying his time with his family. During his most recent episode of Chan’s Room, his regular live stream, STAYs couldn’t get enough of his adorable relationship with his sister, Hannah.

But of course, one of the absolute main highlights of the live stream was the family dog, Berry. Bang Chan himself was a whole mood as he kept getting distracted by her…

…which quickly turned her into the star of the live stream.

Bang Chan’s moments with Berry were so wholesomely adorable that STAYs were left a total mess.

Especially since this was a rare reunion!

Fans will always be there for sweet moments between Bang Chan and his members, but Bang Chan and Berry are possibly the most irresistible duo.

After all, some STAYs feel like this just be the best episode of Chan’s Room yet!

Hopefully, Bang Chan will recover quickly from his surgery-he certainly has the best company there with him in the meantime.

Source: VLIVE

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