Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Confirms That STAYs Discovered His “Pokémon GO” Account

A group and their fans that play Pokémon GO together stay together! 

While Stray Kids are on the North American leg of their 2nd World Tour MANIAC, STAYs have played the mobile game Pokémon GO with leader Bang Chan.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | Stray Kids/VLIVE

Recently, a photo went viral on social media. A STAY (@sxrikkun on Twitter) was playing Pokémon GO when they noticed a user with an interesting name. There’s something about “ChrisBang97” that sounds familiar.

Bang Chan’s legal name is Christopher (Chris) Bang, and he was born in 1997.

Naturally, the tweet went viral. At the time of writing, it has 9.2K likes, and reposts such as the one below have 12.5K likes.

At first, STAYs were in disbelief that it was really Bang Chan. Like seriously, what are the odds?

Sure enough, Bang Chan confirmed that it is indeed him!

During the rest of the tour, he made subtle references. For example, in Oakland, he had the sweetest reaction to a STAY’s sign that read, “Bang Chan will you Pokémon Go on a date with me?”

For those subscribed to his Bubble, he has also been going on mini rants about his Pokémon GO adventures.

| Bubble via @CBNOONA7/Twitter

Yet, he even confirmed that the username in question is, in fact, his during his recent episode of Chan’s Room.

‘Pokémon trainer Chris Bang.’ That’s right.

— Bang Chan

He explained that he originally started playing Pokémon GO due to his members. Now, he is just as obsessed as any!

It wasn’t me that started everything, but Felix and Seungmin started playing Pokémon GO, and then right after Changbin started playing, and I was like, ‘What? Changbin’s playing too?’ And then everyone’s just having so much fun, and … I’m so hyped about it these days. I still didn’t get the shiny Charizard, though. I really, really want it. I gotta work hard and become the very best…

— Bang Chan


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A group and their fans that play Pokémon GO together stay together!

Source: Stray Kids

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