Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Steals The Show At “KCON 2022” With His Visuals And Form-Fitting Stage Fit

He left everyone absolutely shook.

Stray KidsBang Chan is well-known even among non-fans for his impressively toned physique. So it’s no surprise that, with the help of a certain form-fitting stage outfit, he seems to have totally stolen the show with his visuals at KCON 2022.

Bang Chan

As expected, Stray Kids delivered an impressive performance that made STAYs proud.

And naturally, leader Bang Chan once again proved his wholesome king status by adorably giving a staff member a hug as he left the stage.

Yet, while Bang Chan tends to gain attention for his personality as much as he does for his visuals, his appearance at KCON 2022 left no room for doubt as to which one it was going to be this time. Dressed in a tight black leather outfit with a short crop jacket, Bang Chan put his perfect body proportions on full display—and left netizens totally shook.

In fact, some made the most relatable memes about how he now has everyone swerving onto his lane…

…and about how that’s not exactly an ideal situation for “jealous” STAYs.

Everyone seemed to be in agreement that Bang Chan should always exist in outfits like this one, seeing as this particular Bang Chan is bound to live in everyone’s minds rent-free for the foreseeable future.

But of course, it wasn’t just the outfit that had everyone’s attention. Bang Chan’s own visuals proved to be truly attention-grabbing as well.

Unfortunately for STAYs, Bang Chan had much more up his sleeve for KCON 2022. He acted as a special MC and as it turns out, he was just as lethal as an MC as he was performing with Stray Kids, though in a slightly different way.

Bang Chan truly showed his duality, exhibiting his true personality in the most adorable way possible.

And once again, STAYs came in with the best reaction…

…proving they just can’t get enough of Bang Chan. After all, this is only the latest time this month that he gains attention for his visuals and unreal physique.

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