Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Straight-Up Exposed That He Knows What His Fans Are Up To On Twitter

He totally knows what they’re up to!

Stray KidsBang Chan met a fan, and straight-up exposed them!

On January 7, Stray Kids held a fansign event with their fans, where they signed albums, photo cards, and talked and chatted with the fans!

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A fan with the Twitter account @strayskidz attended their fan meet and greet event, where she approached Bang Chan to talk to him and get her album signed! After the fansign, she uploaded a video that contained a recording of Bang Chan totally exposing her Twitter!

In the video, she refreshes the memory of fans from a previous fansign on January 4, where she told Bang Chan multiple jokes, but he sadly didn’t get any of them!


At the current fansign she attended, she approached Bang Chan again! After exchanging greetings, Bang Chan then smugly turned to look at her, and asked her,


And what did you mean, I didn’t get any of your jokes?

—Bang Chan



The fan was so shocked that he read her tweets, she screamed! She then also insisted that he really didn’t get the jokes at all!

But Bang Chan in turn insisted that he understood them, just, you know, LATER.



(The joke is that “after눈” sounds like afternoon, and the “눈” is Korean for snow. The “눈” is pronounced “noon” as well.)


Other fans have been loving this hilarious interaction, and are now 100% certainly that Bang Chan truly knows it all.


Stray Kids made their recent comeback in December 2019 with album Clé: Levanter, and title track “Levanter”. They also released a single, “Mixtape: Gone Days” on December 26, 2019.

Watch the MV here!

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