Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Visits DAY6’s Young K During A Livestream And Hints At A Collaboration

MyDays and STAYs can’t wait!

In DAY6 Young K‘s latest VLIVE, viewers enjoyed a surprise appearance by Stray Kids‘ Bang Chan, who popped into the livestream while on his way to another schedule. He said he was watching when he realized Young K was streaming from inside the company building, so he decided to say hello!

Later that day during Bang Chan’s livestream series “Chan’s Room,” the Stray Kids leader mentioned that he meant to ask Young K about doing a cover together.

MyDays and STAYs were excited to see the two idols interacting. The two JYP Entertainment artists have always been close, having gone through much of their training together. Even now, years after their debuts, they consistently show support for one another.

Bang Chan once explained that as a trainee, he lived with the DAY6 members for 7 years, and said “They’re like brothers to me.

Bang Chan has reacted to DAY6’s songs and recommended their music online numerous times. During his livestream, he praised the band for “always [making] really good songs.”  Both MyDays and STAYs are looking forward to a collaboration between the two idols!