Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And Felix Respond To Hugh Jackman With A Cheeky Message

The Aussie line sent a message to fellow Australian Hugh Jackman!

Stray Kids‘ developing relationship with Marvel actors Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman continues!

After a back-and-forth between Stray Kids, specifically member Bang Chan, and Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman joined the conversation. Previously, Reynolds had teasingly commented that Bang Chan was his new favorite Australian, which was clearly in reference to his friend and fellow Marvel actor Hugh Jackman.

Bang Chan himself ended up issuing an apology to Jackman for replacing him, but Jackman didn’t mind too much! He also loves his fellow Aussies, so he posted a message to Stray Kids, sending greetings to Bang Chan and Felix especially. He did warn them, however, to be aware that their new fan, Ryan Reynolds, “can be a lot.” 

Bang Chan and Felix, fans of both actors, responded to the Wolverine actor’s message, thanking him for the warning. They assured him that the Stray Kids’ personalities are quite too similar to Reynolds for them to fear.

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