Stray Kids Settles The Debate Regarding Their Best Dancer, And Their Answer Was Unexpected

And we love it!

Stray Kids was as honest as can be in their recent interview with Billboard!

The JYP Entertainment boy group sat down for a quick game of “How Well Do You Know Your Bandmates?” Here, they raised the picture of the member who fit each category best.

They were asked numerous questions including the member who forgets the lyrics of their songs most often (Han)…

…and they were even excited to out the biggest spender of the group (Felix).

In another part of the interview, Billboard asked a question that would usually prompt divided answers from fans and non-fans. After all, Stray Kids is home to many talented dancers including the “DANCERACHA,” Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Felix.

Who is the best dancer?

— Billboard

Stray Kids, however, had no hesitations. They all confidently raised their boards with Changbin‘s face prominently featured.

Leader Bang Chan explained that his fellow rapper is someone who deserves to be in the spotlight more for his dancing.

I picked Changbin because I want to see more of his dancing. We need to see more.

— Bang Chan

Changbin is technically not in the dance line of Stray Kids. Though he is their resident rapper and producer, it has long been noted that he is a strong performer as well.

The group’s confidence in him further supported comments that he is a powerful, clean dancer who is better than many give him credit for.

Check out the full video below to learn about Stray Kids’ other choices.

Source: YouTube

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