Stray Kids and BTOB Had The Funniest Reunion Ever At “KCON:TACT 4U”

As expected from two of the most chaotic groups in K-Pop!

Anyone who watched Kingdom: Legendary War knows that Stray Kids and BTOB have shared a close bond ever since they first met on the show. Members of both bands occasionally mention the other and listen to their music while live streaming, and they have continued to stay in touch even after filming had ended.

So, STAYs and MELODYs were excited to find out that their faves had a reunion at the online music festival, KCON:TACT 4U! During a behind-the-scenes preview posted to KCON‘s social media platforms on July 23, fans got to see some BTOBxStray Kids interactions.

On the giant KCON whiteboard, BTOB shared their appreciation for Stray Kids members Bang Chan and Felix for bringing snacks to the event, as well as thanking Felix for cookies he had given them back when they were shooting Kingdom! Fans of both groups loved reading their kind messages to each other.

However, every reunion has its drama, and this one was no exception! Things were going great for the guys until Eunkwang made a shocking discovery: that somebody had written on the whiteboard “Seo Eunkwang-ssi, you’re the oldest person here!”

He had immediately pointed it out to Felix, Bang Chan, and then Peniel, who was quick to make an accusation:

Eunkwang: What is this?
Peniel: I’m going to guess it’s Changbin.

When Changbin eventually came into the room, he was brought over to the board and questioned about the writing.

Peniel: We’re all guessing you wrote this, Changbin.
Changbin: (After careful reading) What?! It’s not me, hyung! (Getting chased away by Eunkwang) I have bad handwriting. IT’S SERIOUSLY NOT ME!

Luckily for Changbin, his name was cleared once they uncovered the true culprit: BTOB’s very own Changsub! After thoroughly examining the handwriting, Minhyuk was able to figure out that it matched Changsub’s exactly, and it was later revealed that he had written it earlier in the day as a prank!


At the end of their time together, Stray Kids and BTOB wrapped it up with an adorable joint group chant.

What do you think of their amazing friendship?