Stray Kids Can’t Stop Roasting Felix With This Flawless Impersonation

The other members really became Felix 2.0.

Stray Kids’ Felix has garnered a new role as the MC for “Pops In Seoul” over the past few weeks.

As an MC, the job takes great advantage of his dance skill, English fluency and of course his adeptness at girl group choreography.

He is expected to be engaging and an attentive dance teacher, which isn’t an easy task at hand.

And it’s more difficult when you consider that Felix’s members have also been watching his new show.

As members living in the same residence, it’s not surprising to hear that they have been making fun of Felix.

And it looks like a lot of that joking around has made it onto broadcast.

While sitting down with Han and Hyunjin, the two decided it would be a great time to unleash their impersonation of Felix while teaching the dance to ITZY’s “Icy”.

With a deep voice and Australian accent, both Han and Hyunjin mimicked Felix giving a dance lesson.

Han made fun of Felix as a dance teacher where he meticulously described the details of the choreography.

Like the arms are shaped like this

Felix was so done with the roasting that he tried to block the camera, only for Hyunjin to put him back in his place.

Even though Felix was already embarrassed, Han still continued to impersonate Felix and it was actually kind of flawless.

Unfortunately, Felix threatened to throw hands if Han wouldn’t stop with his impersonation.

Still, Felix was able to give the other members a dance lesson, using the skills he picked up as the “Pops In Seoul” MC.

That just goes to show that the teasing was all in good fun, and is simply part of how close the Stray Kids members are to each other.

And no matter how much roasting Felix has to take, his articulation and engagement as a dance teacher has been refreshing for so much fans to learn the most popular K-Pop dances down to the detail.

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