In Their Own Words: Stray Kids Candidly Shares What Makes Their New Title Track “Case 143” Different From Other Love Songs

It’s their first title track about romance!

Stray Kids finally returned to the music scene with their mini album Maxident.

Stray Kids

They sat down for an interview with Paper Magazine where they talked about their lead song, “Case 143,” and how it is their first title track about love.

Its lyrics were vastly different from their previous title tracks that were more about confidence and self-expression.

A new case, an unforgettable case
I’m falling for your fatal attraction
You, who keeps setting me on fire
are a question with an unknown source, homework that needs to be done

Can I be your boyfriend?
I’ve never faked my attitude towards you, no cap
It’s full of stuff I want to tell you, my case
There are no words that describe the perfection

— Lyrics of “Case 143”

According to Stray Kids themselves, “Case 143” was unique in the landscape of love songs in general. Maknae I.N agreed that it was different from the typical romance music being released nowadays. When he first heard the creation of 3RACHA, he did not expect the lyrics to be about love since it came with an intense beat.

I initially heard the song without the melody and lyrics, and I actually didn’t think it would be a love song. It was quite unique. Parts of the melody and rap were also very new and fresh, so it felt different to other love songs.

— I.N

The song was unique precisely because it was very much in line with the hard-hitting sound that the group is known for.

I feel like love songs can be kind of sweet and vanilla. Like, ‘I love you, you’re so beautiful.’ Those kinds of lyrics. But we just wanted to express love in our own Stray Kids way

— Bang Chan

Rather than soft ballads or bright pop music, “Case 143” was a wild mix of different genres in a recognizable Stray Kids package. Seungmin pointed out that Changbin, for instance, growled when he rapped, “Even if I’m greedy, I want to be your soulmate,” and this was not exactly a common addition.

Felix summed up their style in a concise way: “It’s fun and it’s very chaotic.”

Check out the full “Case 143” music video below!

Source: Paper Mag

Stray Kids

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