“Changlix Dispatch Debut??:” Reporters’ Unexpected Interaction With Stray Kids’ Changbin And Felix Goes Viral

“Dispatch is already preparing…”

Stray Kidsย fans, as with any other K-Pop fans, love to see the members of their favorite group showing off their close friendships.

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And there’s no denying that Stray Kids have an incredibly close bond with one another.

One of the friendships among the group that fans especially love is the friendship between Changbin and Felix, who are always showing their support for each other.

Whether the members are exposing that Felix sleeps with a pillow of Changbin’s face or Changbin is ensuring Felix didn’t feel excluded when he couldn’t dance on stage, fans are always endeared by their friendship.

And now fans can’t get enough of an unexpected, viral moment between Changbin and Felix at the airport.

Both members showed off their real-life visuals at the airport while wearing chic black jackets.

Stray Kids’ Changbin
Stray Kids’ Felix

Since the jackets were so similar, a reporter asked, “Are you two wearing couple outfits?

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Which seemingly surprised Changbin and Felix, who had to check what they were wearing.

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But another reporter denied the idea for them, pointing out that the “zipper is different” on their jackets, so they aren’t the same item.

Still, Felix then held on to Changbin’s arm, entertaining fans with his reaction.

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Fans joked that it was an attempt by Dispatch to expose a “new couple.”

And playfully pointed out that the two made their “Dispatch debut” through an article about their “bromance.”


Fans couldn’t be more endeared by their close bond.

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