Stray Kids’ Changbin Gets Trending On Twitter For His Impressive English Skills

He has improved so much!

Stray Kids doesn’t have any trouble connecting with English-speaking fans, given that two of the members — Bang Chan and Felix — are native English-speaking Australians.

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Other members, such as Seungmin and Han, are also quite fluent as well!

The other members of the group seem to be continuously improving their English-speaking skills as well, and when it comes to one member in particular, it seems like his hard work has paid off.

| JYP Entertainment

Currently, Changbin is trending on Twitter due to his impressive English-speaking skills that have STAYs swooning!

During an interview with Jeff Benjamin, the Stray Kids member confidently answers why “MANIAC” was chosen as the title track for their ODDINARY album.

Not only does he answer with calm and cool confidence, but he doesn’t even stammer or pause much at all, which makes it even more impressive!

Here are how some fans are reacting to the clip on social media.

We can’t blame STAYs for having these kinds of relatable reactions!

Hopefully Changbin will have more opportunities to show off his impressive English-speaking skills in the near future!

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