Stray Kids’ Changbin Got Extra Flirty With Hyunjin During “Case 143” Filming

Would you rather be Changbin or Hyunjin? 😂

Stray Kids‘ members have never been shy about showing their affection for each other, whether through their words or more physical signs of endearment.


It’s always nice to see K-Pop group members getting along so well with each other, to the point where they’re even comfortable being playfully flirty to one another!


Earlier today, Stray Kids released the behind-the-scenes video of their latest hit, “Case 143”, giving fans a look at the process of how the music video was made and all the work that was put into it.

Stray Kids | JYP Entertainment

Some of the best parts of videos like this are seeing how members behave with each other during the filming, and this behind-the-scenes peek into their work wasn’t any exception!

During one point of the video, while the members are dressed in police uniforms, Changbin takes the opportunity to get flirty with Hyunjin by telling him that he’s arrested. As a “punishment”, he can’t run away and has to live with Changbin.

Based on Hyunjin’s reaction, it seems like Changbin’s charm worked on him!

Fans have some very relatable reactions to the adorable interaction.

You can watch the entire behind-the-scenes video of “Case 143” below! The moment between Changbin and Hyunjin happens around the 11:20 mark.

Stray Kids

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