Stray Kids’s Choreographers Reveal The Lyrics & References They Used To Make The “God’s Menu” Choreography So Fitting

“They wanted to say, ‘Stray Kids’ music has a different style! It’s new!‘”

In a new AYO “Comment Defenders” video on YouTube, two veteran K-Pop choreographers revealed how the Stray Kids‘s “God’s Menu” choreography came together.

Lee Dabin and Lee Junwoo are both chief choreographers at LOOK, a dance team known for working with EXO, SHINee, SEVENTEEN, and more. They also recently choreographed Stray Kids’s 2020 release, “God’s Menu”—and one AYO commenter was impressed by how well the choreography reflected the song.

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Stray Kids’s “God’s Menu”… it looks like they’re talking through dance, like “speak with your body”, they start with eating lol

AYO commenter [translation]

Just like fans were thoroughly impressed and proud of Stray Kids for excelling at the “God’s Menu” choreography, Lee Dabin revealed he feels proud of creating it. The formation of the choreography all started with a proposal from JYP Entertainment.

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When the company first played the song to the LOOK team, the first lyrics they heard were “eoseo oshibshio“—”welcome” in Korean. Lee Dabin explained that upon hearing Stray Kids welcoming fans, they inferred that the group wanted to welcome everyone to new style of music.

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We figured that they wanted to say, “Stray Kids’ music has a different style! It’s new!”

— Lee Dabin

So, the choreographers decided to take a refreshing approach to the choreography, basing everything around one keyword: “chef”.

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Lee Junwoo elaborated, explaining that the moves were themed around Stray Kids excitedly cooking a delicious new menu and serving it to fans. For example, one move in the choreography was made to look like the members sharpening a knife.


Another move was based on Korean celebrity chef Choi Hyun Seok’s iconic salt sprinkling gesture.


Here’s what the original move looks like:

By using references that formed the “very basis of cooking“, Lee Dabin explained that the team was able to create fitting choreography that everyone loved.


It was worthwhile and fun.

­— Lee Dabin

Source: AYO (YouTube)

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