Stray Kids Chose Their Most Romantic Member, And You’ll Probably Agree

Out of all of them, this member has the most romantic charms!

Stray Kids recently picked their most romantic member, and you won’t be able to unsee it!

| @Stray_Kids/ Twitter

The group recently sat down for SEVENTEEN‘s Superlatives segment, where they picked the member who most fit categories like the best singer, rapper, who has the most aegyo, etc!

One of the questions asked to them was:

Who is the most romantic?

And hands were pointed everywhere, from Changbin to Felix to Lee Know!

After a brief discussion, the answers then turned to Lee Know unanimously, leaving him adorably confused about why he was chosen!

Me? Why?

—Lee Know

Felix took the liberty of divulging why he believed Lee Know was the most romantic member!

Sometimes, even if he’s just with one person, he acts really shy. But if he’s with Stay [Stray Kids’ fandom name], he’s very romantic!


And Bangchan backed him up, adding that in that way, all of them were romantic with Stays!

If it’s Stay, everybody’s romantic!


Stray Kids recently made a comeback with their first repackaged album titled IN生 (IN LIFE) and title track “Back Door”.

You can watch the members choose the most romantic member of Stray Kids here from the 7:33 mark!

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