Stray Kids Collaborates With Alesso And CORSAK For Their New Song “Going Dumb”

This is epic!

A huge collaboration has happened and it’s with none other than the amazing artists Stray Kids, Alesso, and CORSAK! For those unfamiliar with Alesso and CORSAK, Alesso is an incredible Swedish DJ and producer while CORSAK is an amazing Chinese singer and producer!

Alesso previously announced that he planned on releasing two different versions of the new track “Going Dumb” on Friday, March 19. “Going Dumb” is a song that was created in partnership with the widely popular game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile.

Following the news, it was later revealed that one of the two versions will feature Stray Kids as well as CORSAK. “Going Dumb” is set to release on Friday at midnight local time!

Stray Kids took to their Twitter and shared the news with their several followers. The tweet included the release time as well as a preview of the anticipated track!

Stray Kids