Over A Dozen Of Stray Kids’ Albums Have Now Surpassed A Huge Spotify Milestone

They’re becoming legends in the K-Pop industry!

Despite still being fairly young in the K-Pop industry, Stray Kids has been making a name for themselves with the records and achievements they’ve been reaching already!

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From being only the second K-Pop group ever to have a single album surpass 3 million sales to ranking high on music charts, it seems that Stray Kids just gets more successful with each comeback.

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The release of their latest album, MAXIDENT, was no exception, and in fact, it has become the group’s latest album to reach a huge milestone on Spotify!

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As of today, November 23, MAXIDENT is the group’s 13th album to surpass 100 million streams on the platform, only 48 days after it was released on October 7.

And at this time, it has actually surpassed their album with the 13th-most streams, Going Dumb, which currently has 101.5 million streams. MAXIDENT is at 101.7 million, and rising quickly.

The 2020 Japanese mini-album ALL IN is their 11th-most streamed album with 103.5 million streams, while Clé 2: Yellow Wood comes in 10th with 107.9 million.

In ninth place is their pre-debut album, Mixtape, with 121.1 million streams; the 2018 album I Am YOU takes eighth with 122.5 million streams, and Clé: Levanter‘s 138.2 million streams ranks it at seventh.

I Am WHO, released in 2018, ranks sixth with 156.5 million streams, and Clé 1: MIROH, the album with the fifth-most streams, is the first to surpass 200 million streams with 210.8 million currently.

The group’s earlier 2022 album, ODDINARY, ranks in fourth as it already has 305.5 million streams, and their highly successful 2020 album, Go Live, skyrockets in streams with 513.1 million, placing it in third.

Finally, NOEASY is ranked as Stray Kids’ second most-streamed album with 563.2 million streams at this time, while In Life by far takes the lead with 732.8 million.

Congratulations to Stray Kids for accomplishing this impressive feat, and here’s to much more success in the future!

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