Stray Kids Dropped An Epic Mashup Of All Their Mixtape Tracks

They’re not playing around with “Clé 2: Yellow Wood”.

For all of their albums except for their pre-debut one “Mixtape”, Stray Kids have always included a special mixtape track.


There’s “Mixtape#1” and “Mixtape#2” for I Am Not and I Am Who respectively.

“Mixtape#3” for I Am You.

And, “Mixtape#4” for Clé 1: Miroh.

Now they’ve released a mashup of all their mixtapes titled “Mixtape Spin-Off” in celebration of Clé 2: Yellow Wood which will include all of the tracks along with a few new ones.

Their newest album will be released in less than a week on June 19. Are you ready?

Stray Kids